New South African casinos

  • Jan 22, 2021

South African gamblers are grateful that plenty of new online casinos are set to enter the market for online gambling. For more information, click here { }

What is online Bingo?

If you are looking a a new casino site to play at, do not overlook the game of Bingo as an option. It has long been a favourite.

History of Bingo

The game was first known as Beano and was renamed to Bingo after a toy salesman, Ed Lowe, saw the game played at a country fair in the USA.

Online Bingo rises

As online gambling became acceptable in mid-1990s, the first free online Bingo hall was 'Bingo Zone', and it was launched in 1996 as online gambling began to explode.

  • Bingo Zone - free bingo launched in 1996
  • Uproar launched Bingo Blitz in 1998

Is online Bingo legal?

Bingo has been able to circumvent online gambling laws as it is defined as a 'lottery played as a game'. and classified as a game of chance.

As each participant in a Bingo game receives a card or several cards with random numbers printed on them, the chances of winning for each player is equal.

The gameplay of Bingo

Whether you are playing in a hall, casino or online, the gameplay of Bingo is the same. You purchase a card and then mark off called out numbers.

How do I get started?

To get started with online bingo, you need to find a legitimate casino site that offers bingo. From there on, the process is more or less the same.

  • Choose a fair bingo site
  • Register an account
  • Deposit and receive bonus
  • Choose a bingo room
  • Select and buy tickets
  • Wait for game to commence
  • Play!

Choosing an online Bingo room

A handy tip is to select a Bingo room based on the amount of cards that you have purchased. Typically an online Bingo site will automatically do that.

What are the rules of online bingo?

Start off by fining a room that supports the variant that you want to play. One in the room, you can buy an amount of bingo cards.

How is the game played?

The online software will mark off the numbers as they are called and the game stops once a player has marked off numbers in the required pattern.

Once the winning card is verified, winnings are paid out and the game ends. As the software does all the work, the player can relax and enjoy the social aspect.


What online bingo types are there?

Different types of Bingo, means different size cards and does not mean that there is a difference in difficulty or that you need to learn new rules.

The different types of Bingo just really means that the Bingo players now has more winning opportunities with different cards and in the end, the entertainment factor is increased.

  • 75 ball online bingo
  • 75 ball pattern bingo
  • 90 ball online Bingo

the difference in the above versions of bingo is that each type offers different ways of winning. The software automatically daubs the numbers if they are called.


Bingo has been a firm favourite game over centuries and its popularity has caused it to also keep up with times, follow the trend and move online.

New online bingo players are lucky in the fact that there is no difference between the rules in a bingo hall and of that in an online bingo room.

New casinos entering the South African gambling market are assured to bring a lot more Bingo variety for the player and is get to change the Bingo landscape considerably.

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