Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

  • Jan 22, 2021

Bonuses are one essential part of an online casino. Hardly will you find an online casino that does not offer their players a chance to claim awesome bonuses. Bonuses are incentives that a casino uses to reward its players. There are several kinds of casino bonuses available for players to claim online, and this article will explain most of them. We will also point out the different terms and conditions that are associated with casino bonuses, as well as how you can differentiate between a good and not so good casino bonus. Visit carpepalsl.com/ to check out top casinos with the best bonus offers.


No Deposit Bonus

A bonus regarded as no deposit bonus is that which you can claim without having to fund your casino account. Many players consider this bonus as the best type of casino bonus since it is not associated with their real money. No deposit bonus can take several forms, and an online casino decides how they give it out to players. Some casinos only make their no deposit bonus available as welcome bonus offers to new players, while others may make it available to both new and existing players. Below are some of the most common forms of no deposit bonus.

  1. Free spins
  2. Cash Bonus
  3. Free Plays

Deposit casino bonus is a bonus that you can only claim after funding your casino account. For this type of bonus, a casino usually has a qualifying deposit which players are required to make. It is only after making this deposit that players will have access to the bonus. Some deposit bonus are meant only for high rollers who deposit a lot of money while there are others that are meant for low stakers as well. Like no deposit casino bonus, deposit bonus can also take different forms. It can come as a match bonus, reload bonus or other special bonuses.

Casino Bonus Terms

So far, we've explained the two main categories of casino bonuses which are the no deposit bonus and deposit bonus. In this section, we will be discussing the common terms and conditions you need to be aware of when claiming a casino bonus. Some casinos require their players to provide a bonus code before the bonus is made available to them. This bonus code is mostly available on the site of the casino. One of the most important bonus terms to always consider is the wagering requirement. A casino bonus wagering requirement specifies the number of times you must wager a bonus to keep winning made from it.

  • Casino bonuses often have a wagering requirement that specifies how to win from the bonus.
  • The bonus terms also include the validity period of the bonus.

In addition to that, casino bonuses can also have game restrictions. This means that the bonus might be specified to a particular game. For example, a casino offers free spins can require players to use it only on a video slot game such as Gonzo's Quest. Additionally, there may be certain games that count towards the wagering requirement of the bonus. It is equally essential that players consider the set validity period of a bonus. This is how long the bonus will be valid for. You can know everything required for a casino bonus by reading through its terms and conditions.

Understanding Online Casino Bonuses